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After Sales Service Of Engineering Industrial Assets

RRP $491.99

This book explores the practical implementation of an advanced after-sales management framework devoted to warranty management. The framework is intended for companies producing either standardized or customized products and such a management tool will facilitate organizational improvement and support innovative decision making processes for technical assistance in after-sales services.

After sales Service of Engineering Industrial Assets comprises a proposal for a warranty management framework, with an account of the different methods that can be used to improve decision making in the different stages of the after-sales service management process, and strategies for strengthening the structure and foundations of the framework. A review of the fundamental issues and current research topics in warranty management and after sales services is also provided, which is exemplified by a case study. This book is intended for postgraduates, researchers and engineers who are interested in after sales management, assets engineering and warranty management.


The Engine Master

RRP $13.99

Long ago, settlers from a faraway continent built a floating city under the command of the Engine Master. High above the mountains and sprawling pine forests of the new land, Morinuin runs on coal and steam, and bustles with automatons and flying steam cars as well as humans. It's the year 121, and the Native villagers below the city are getting in the way of the coal mines. War breaks out and everyone must take a side. It won't be long before the city will run out of energy, unless someone finds another power source... Aneka does all she can to provide for her younger brother, Oliver. That's the way it always has been, at least since the siblings' parents died. But everything changes when their parents' legacy leads them to a quest to save their dying city, Morinuin. In search of a new power source, Aneka and Oliver are joined by a pickpocket, a royal servant, a former assassin, and a Native outcast to find the enigmatic Engine Master, who disappeared long after Morinuin was built. Will their mission keep the city afloat amidst war and death?

Supply Chain Engineering

RRP $259.99

Winner of 2013 IIE/Joint Publishers Book-of-the-Year Award Emphasizing a quantitative approach, Supply Chain Engineering: Models and Applications provides state-of-the-art mathematical models, concepts, and solution methods important in the design, control, operation, and management of global supply chains. The text provides an understanding of how companies plan, source, make, and deliver their products to create and/or maintain a global competitive advantage. It emphasizes application of operations research models and methods to optimize the various components of an integrated supply chain. The authors have carefully constructed the book so that it is not so "micro" in its focus that the perspective on the larger business problem is lost, nor is it so "macro" in its treatment of that business context that it fails to develop students' appreciation for, and skills to solve, the tactical problems that must be addressed in effectively managing flows of goods in supply chains. Building students' knowledge of the first principles of supply chain engineering, the book covers the traditional issues in operations, logistics, and supply chain management-forecasting demand, managing inventories, managing transportation, and locating facilities. It also includes a number of new optimization tools such as risk pooling, for addressing these problems, based on recent research. In addition, the authors' treatment of managing customer-supplier relations supplies a fresh perspective that draws on recent research using multiple criteria optimization methods. Moreover, the chapter on managing risks in supply chains presents important problems that extend beyond the traditional treatment of supply chain management. Building a bridge between theory and practice, the authors pull all of these themes together in the culminating chapter that solidifies students' understanding of managing global supply chains.

A History Of Market Research

RRP $300.99

This book traces the development of market research, its technical resources, its personnel and its organizations. Among its key themes are:

  • the rise and fall of occupational control
  • development of new techniques for studying consumers
  • the impact of ICTs
  • establishing and maintaining relationships with clients and consumers
  • the changing contours of industrial competition.

This academically and critically rigorous assessment of the market research industry will be of interest across a number of spheres including marketing, organization studies, sociology, consumer behaviour, contemporary economic and social history, and geography and institutional economics.

Planar Microwave Engineering

RRP $105.95

Modern wireless communications hardware is underpinned by RF and microwave design techniques. This insightful book contains a wealth of circuit layouts, design tips, and practical measurement techniques for building and testing practical gigahertz systems. The book covers everything you need to know to design, build, and test a high-frequency circuit. Microstrip components are discussed, including tricks for extracting good performance from cheap materials. Connectors and cables are also described, as are discrete passive components, antennas, low-noise amplifiers, oscillators, and frequency synthesizers. Practical measurement techniques are presented in detail, including the use of network analyzers, sampling oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, and noise figure meters. Throughout the focus is practical, and many worked examples and design projects are included. There is also a CD-ROM that contains a variety of design and analysis programs. The book is packed with indispensable information for students taking courses on RF or microwave circuits and for practicing engineers.


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