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Beyond New Media

RRP $246.99

Beyond New Media: Discourse and Critique in a Polymediated Age brings together a host of differing positions on media in order to explore how those positions can inform one another and how we can build a basis for future engagements with media theory, research, and practice. In order to do so, Herbig, Herrmann, and Tyma have brought together a number of media scholars with differing paradigmatic backgrounds, including critical, postmodern, gender, rhetorical, narrative, and interpretive social science theoretical perspectives. Similarly, contributors' disciplinary backgrounds are diverse, spanning interpersonal communication, media studies, organizational communication, instructional design, rhetoric, mass communication, gender studies, popular culture studies, informatics, and persuasion. Although each of these scholars brings with them a unique perspective on media's role in people's lives, what binds them together is the belief that meaningful discourse about media must be an ongoing conversation that is open to critique and revision in a rapidly changing mediated culture. The media theories that have dominated our thinking and research about media do not adequately describe our complex relationship to media(tion) in everyday lives. In this collection, the contributors debate the relative applicability of existing theories and set out to develop a new approach: polymediation.

Social Multimedia Signals

RRP $354.99

This book provides a comprehensive coverage of the state-of-the-art in understanding media popularity and trends in online social networks through social multimedia signals. With insights from the study of popularity and sharing patterns of online media, trend spread in social media, social network analysis for multimedia and visualizing diffusion of media in online social networks. In particular, the book will address the following important issues: Understanding social network phenomena from a signal processing point of view; The existence and popularity of multimedia as shared and social media, how content or origin of sharing activity can affect its spread and popularity; The network-signal duality principle, i.e., how the signal tells us key properties of information diffusion in networks; The social signal penetration hypothesis, i.e., how the popularity of media in one domain can affect the popularity of media in another. The book will help researchers, developers and business (advertising/marketing) individuals to comprehend the potential in exploring social multimedia signals collected from social network data quantitatively from a signal processing perspective.

Social Media Marketing For Beginners

RRP $16.99

Worried How to market your upcoming college fest? Thinking How will you spread news about your newly open store?Want to sell online but Don't know How to market it online? Don't want to spend money on costly marketing books and agencies?Well This Book has all the answers .Even if you are new to social media, This brief guide will enrich you with every possible key detail about marketing your product without spending a penny.the book helps marketers, advertisers, and small business owners quickly develop effective, practical approaches to social media marketing campaigns Highlights the latest you should know about Facebook, Twitter, and blogger and helps you in making a fully reliable marketing strategy through social media

Social Economics : Retrospect And Prospect

RRP $684.99

At the very heart of the conception of the present volume lies the conviction that social economics is a highly pluralistic discipline, inspired and enriched by several often radically different world views, Schumpeterian visions, and at times even quite antagonistic social doctrines. Yet, in spite of all these differences, social economists can nevertheless be seen and also approached as some kind of economic brotherhood for various reasons dissatisfied with the austere "value-free" diet offered by the pOSitivistic neoclassical paradigm. What all social economists seem to have in common is a profound interest in values and the process of valuation in order to more fully understand both economic behavior and the possibilities of improving the economic system. Such a distinguishing characteristic is also well articulated and enshrined in Article I of the Constitution of the Association of Social Economics where we are told that the aims and objectives of the Association shall be: 1. To foster research and publication centered on the reciprocal relationship between economic science and broader questions of human dignity, ethical values, and social philosophy, [and to] encourage the efforts of all scholars who are dedicated to exploring the ethical presuppositions and implications of economic science. 2. To consider the personal and social dimensions of economic problems and to assist in the formulation of economic policies consistent with a concern for ethical values and pluralistic community and the demands of personal dignity.

Perspectives On Social Media

RRP $398.99

Perspectives on Social Media presents the most current research on the effectiveness of social media across sectors. Progress in finding better applications for social media relies on the difficult task of integrating media technologies into fields such as engineering, marketing, health, learning, art, tourism, and the service industry. This book is based on cutting-edge creative work among top international researchers and renowned designers and provides readers with a preview of the most visionary outcomes in the field of social media. Some of the major topics that the book discusses are:

  • New social media design
  • Sense of community in web applications
  • App design and development for mobile devices.

Perspectives on Social Media uniquely builds on recent disputes among the top scholars around the world, thus including the dynamics of knowledge-sharing and cross-fertilization that one would expect to happen on the web but that are rarely found in a book.


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